Taiwan: Grand Hyatt


The morning is always good, especially so if you wake up in 5 Star Grand Hyatt hotel. Breakfast is no exception, only the best is served. I think the breakfast buffet is SGD$35-40 if i didn’t remember wrongly. Nice ambience, nice food, to the extent i don’t want to leave : )

Look of the cafe

Pastries section

My perfect breakfast

And more..


They have this counter where a chef makes waffles and pancakes for you on the spot. The toppings are good stuff, chocolate, butter, honey (just to name a few). What’s even more impressive is that there is a honey comb, every drop of honey comes directly from it. The honey is really pure.

Finishing breakfast, we went to Taipei Musemum to see arts, arts and more arts. After which, we go to a special restaurant for lunch, some sort like Singapore Din Tai Feng. Then the tour is officially ended, and the rest of the time will be free-and-easy! Cheers. Watch this space for the next post

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