Taiwan: Taipei Shilin-Fisherman Wharf


Last night we slept in a lousy hotel called Paradise hotel (not paradise at all), but the location is good, its located in West street, or more famously known as 西门町. We didn’t visit the area though, partly because it was too late and partly because i was engrossed in watching Taiwan TV. No worries, tonight we will go to Grand Hyatt which is at the East side of Taipei, but tomorrow night we will be coming back to this west side of Taipei, and have a chance to visit 西门町. Waking up, we went to visit the Taiwan President house. Not really included in the package, but the tour guide “throw” it in as a bonus visit. We took a 15min walk around to view the place, nothing much to see though.


After which we went to 忠正纪念堂 for a visit. But it was raining, so we didn’t really explore the place.


Following which, we visited the 忠烈词


My heart goes out to the soldiers there, they stood there like a rock, just like the soldiers standing at the Istana. When we arrived, it was just nice for their handing-over parade, where the soldiers come to take over and change shift. Boring stuff, i simply do not understand how does having a few soldiers standing in front of a building like a rock, can do to help protect the country.  Boring boring. Yawn!


Finally to the interesting aspect of this post, we took a 45min bus ride to 淡水渔人码头. It was a longer ride because 淡水 is located on the outer of Taipei. 淡水渔人码头 was a famous place for its beautiful scenaries, and also the lover bridge. But as God permits it, rain spoilts everything. What was suppose to be a beautiful harbor did not turn out to be as nice due to the poor weather. I like the rain when its on my side, and hate it when its against me. How many times when you wish it will rain, but it did not, and when you do not want it to rain, it came pouring down?


The less-beautiful view of the harbour

Lovers bridge

Take a walk on the lovers bridge

The shops below the lovers bridge


Ahh.. After going to 淡水渔人码头, we go to 淡水老街 which is a street 5mins away from the fisherman wharf. If you notice, 淡水老街 appears in one of the scenes in 公主小妹 starring Angela and Wu Zun. Nice place, lots of food and interesting things to see.


There is this coffee cafe, ecoffee. Like what the signboard wrote, “who says 35TWD (1.5SGD) cant get you a good coffee?” Ecoffee uses choice raw beans and makes coffee at the time of order so to satisfy most customers’ taste buds with most attractive prices. In a short time of several years, Ecoffee has become one of the largest coffee brand chain stores with over 230 coffee shops scattering in Taiwan and becong one part of people’s life.

If you know, Taiwan people don’t drink as much coffee as Singaporeans do, they drink tea, lots of tea. So in Taiwan, a starbucks coffee is consider the norm. Until ecoffee comes along and threatens as the “anti-starbucks” It offers good coffee at a much cheaper price to starbucks, and its now open in Singapore too. The only branch is located in Geylang lorong 13 (of all places?) O well.

The interior of the cafe

A cup of ecoffee

We took the one hour ride back to the heart of Taipei, and we are going back to our hotel for the night Grand Hyatt. The next post will be on Grand Hyatt, and our night wandering of Taipei : )

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” Hand in hand, heart to heart, we walk the lovers bridge “


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