Taiwan: Taizhong-Shengkan Tofu Street

Early in the morning after having breakfast in the hotel, we proceed on to our next destination. The journey took a while, we pass by Miaoli to Xinzhu, stopped at a rest point before we arrived at Ying Ge Pottery. There, we see many diff type of pottery, but its really boring stuff. Yawn!

After which, we went to Shengkan Tofu Street (a stone throw from Ying Ge pottery), which is also the main focus of this post.  The Tofu street is quite a long street selling all sorts of 小吃, and like the name implies, its a Tofu street, so there are lots of Tofu products here.  

The start of the Tofu Street

One of the two most popular Smelly Tofu store

The other most famous Tofu store (both are located directly opp each other at the entrance)

Drink called 爱玉蛙


Lots of ice-cream with diff type of favours like papaya, manago, cheese and many more. There are even ice cream with Tofu favour

Tofu ice cream


One thing i really hate about Taiwan is that they do not have rubbish bins around. No kidding, in Singapore every few steps you walk there will be a rubbish bin, but in Taiwan, you can walk a few street without finding one bin. Anyway, thats the Taiwan Govt policy, they wanted the people to reduce the amount of waste, so they encourage people to bring out their own thrash bag, This bin is for tourists only. Hahaha

We went for lunch after finishing with Tofu Street, nothing special about lunch. Following that, the guide brought us to a shop where they sell rare chinese herbs, and Tian Lu or Qi Ling (they called it in China)

After that, they introduce us to Tian lu, or another name call Qi ling. People who have been to China or Taiwan confirm have been introduced to this stuff. Its actually a magical creature in Chinese, which are believe are blessed their owners and bring them health, wealth, luck. Anyway, one Tian Lu the size of your palm would have cost a few thousand SGD. Not interested, so we scram off very fast : )

The next post we will go to Ye Liu, the most beautiful place we are going to see in our Taiwan trip. So watch out for it.

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