Taiwan: RiYueTai-Taizhong


Ah-ha! The much-anticipated part of Taiwan, the night market 夜市! You can’t say you have been to Taiwan if you haven’t been to their 夜市 can you? Hahaha! We are at Fengjia 夜市 now, the night market is just beside Fengjia University, so lots of uni-students around.

Lets go through the food shan’t we? First on the list goes to: Pig’s blood!! I never try it though, its not something for the light-hearted, not feeling adventurous enough : )

Pig Blood


I bet you confirm won’t know what 咯饼 means if you had not seen the picture. I was like far away when i see this store, so i was wondering what the hell was 咯饼, so i approached the store, lo and behold, 咯饼 is actually our Roti Prata. But they come with diff favours like corn, flost meat, cheese etc.


Store selling sausage with many type of ingredient


I was hesitiating what to get, but decided on cheese sausage, you can’t go wrong with the popular choice can you?


This ought to be the best reward for tonight. 牛B store might sounds a bit crude, but the idea they sell are not at all. Picture this, a stick of seven piece of different fruits, frozen and dripped in flavours of either cheese, honey, chocolate, or suan-mei fen 酸梅粉.



The wrapper is also a bit budget though, but i think this idea of packaging fruits this way is quite unique and fresh. Anyone seen this type of fruits sold in Singapore? Leave your comments okay? thanks

The fame 大肠包小肠


This, is another “find” of the night. The store looks ordinary, even to the extent isolated. Its located at a corner of a side street, nobody takes a look at the store, nobody buys anything from it. But i did. Being the curious me, always on the lookout for something special. And i decided to give the store a chance, when nobody does. Lets see, the store sells hand-roll salad which comes with many diff form, like vegies, ham, tuna, pork culet, chicken, steak. And they also have many type of sandwiches. I had the vegies fruit salad hand-roll.


The result!! Its actually some sort of popiah skin, inside wrapped with vegies fruit salad, the owner put many diff type of ingredient inside which i forgot, but one thing she put that makes it taste special is peanuts. Somehow, when i took the first bite, the taste is nicer than the looks.

After that, we went back to the meeting point to gather, and head back to the hotel. First night market, more to come! The hotel we stay tonight looks very old on the outside, its a biz hotel, which means it caters to bizman who want bigger room, wireless internet connection. We got a shock when we went in the room, when we open the door, there was two bed. Normal, but when we turn around, we saw another two beds, thats like four beds in one bedroom for two of us? You get the point now? So its one of the surprise we got, although it might not look good outside, but its definitely good in the inside.

Next post we will finally go back to Taipei, but before that we will pass by Miaoli to Xinzhu, and go to Sheng Kan to visit the Tofu street, before heading to Ye Liu which is the most beautiful place we see in this Taiwan trip. After which we will head to Yang ming shan for our hot spring, before going back to Taipei. Plenty to share, watch this space!

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” The food treats the heart and soul “


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