Taiwan: Tainan-RiYueTai


After a superb lunch at Tainan Sutou restaurant, we carry on our advanture to Ri Yue Tai, sun moon lake with quite a lot attractions around it. We went to visit this temple, don’t start yawning dude. See see the nice view from the temple. 

Entrance duh!

Map of Sun moon lake

We are quite close to paradise aren’t we?

NOTE: The following content might be offensive, please only carry on if you are of age 18 and above.

This picture is not to promote any nudity, but purely a picture taken on the taiwan trip.

Taa-daa!! Taiwan very own Bing Lang Xi Shi 槟榔西施! The tour guide knows this 槟榔西施, so he invited her to come abroad our bus for a photo-taking session. See no touch, and only woman gets to photo with her.  Just in case some don’t know what they do, the woman basically sit at a stall by the road side, wearing very little (bikini), and sell Bing Lang 槟榔 (a kind of fruit? something like chewing gum) to man who wants to buy from them. Of cos there also also stores manned by uncle and auntie selling Bing Lang, and the price is much much lower. Tour bus drivers usually buy from them instead because of the much much cheaper price.

The Bing Lang sell by 槟榔西施 is one for one dollar (if i nv rmb wrongly), while the one not sell by them cost one bing lang for ten cents twenty cents? There u have it! Thats the reason why they are being paid SGD $3k a month just for sitting there to sell Bing Lang. Thats just a job, nothing really disgraceful, but then again there are 槟榔西施 who provide extra you-know-what also.

Leaving Ri Yue Tai, we arrive in Taizhong around 6pm. We went for a dinner at a restaurant which is open by one of the tour guide’s wife. Good business idea right, husband tour guide bring tourist, den wife open restaurant for husband bring over.

We had buffet steamboat, i won’t really call it buffet cos the variety of food available is really quite pathetic, what you see in the picture is what you get.

But den again i couldn’t care less, you know why? Because we are in Taizhong Feng Jia night market!! Why eat this food when there is plenty of taiwan snacks waiting for us around the corner? So we hurriedly finish our dinner and went out of the place. Given 3 hours to shop around the night market : )

I decided to stop here, partly because not enough time already, and also because the next post about Feng Jia night market will be super long, lots of things to share and tell. Exciting!!

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