Taiwan: Kaohsiung-Cijin


We are now still in day 3 of our Taiwan trip, coming to Kaohsiung after a long day ride, the first attraction that we visit is the Kaohsiung 85 大楼. Like the name implies, it’s a 85 storey building that consist of a shopping centre, office space and some others. Somewhat similar to 101 大楼, but mayb less famous compare with its relative. But anyway, the view is spectacular up there.

Spectacular view of the Kaohsiung harbor

Some more

After a 40min tour of the kaohsiung tower, we were suppose to go to the love river 爱河 to take a boat ride, but due to lousy rainy weather, the boat service is not available, too bad for us. The photo above shows the love river when its not raining, i took it from a website : )

So we went straight to the next place, we are going to Cijin island. Its actually a not-that-small while not-that-big island by the side of Kaohsiung. Its mainly residential area, but there are also some tourist attractions. A 10min ferry ride from the ferry pier to the island is all we need. There’s a underground tunnel to the island also, but the tour guide say going by that way will take at least 45min to one hour, so even the local people who rides a bike uses the ferry service (the top of ferry is for people, while the bottom can take many motor-vehicles) paying i think 1 dollar each time for the vehicle service, while we pay 50cents.

Leaving the ferry pier

The ferry pier on Cijin Island


Reaching the island after 10mins, we walk walk around, there’s police station, a lighthouse, shops around. The other side of the island is mainly residential area. The tour guide bring us to a shop to eat “o-wa” noodles. Not too bad, plus the soup is hot which warms us up considerately in the rainy weather.


We also had this huge bowl of mango ice. lots of mango for $3. By the way, Taiwan is really good for its mango, on the first night in taiwan, we brought a large mango for $2 only, which would definitely cost about $5 at least in Singapore? Ha! Anyway, we will be seeing mango soon later. Watch out for it!

While walking by the road, there’s this store selling “ma chi”, so we buy one box of 10, one cost 5 TWD, so its 50 TWD or SGD $2.5 for the box. The ma chi was really quite good. I wanted to buy some more after we tried it, but then we were going for dinner soon, o well.

Different favors, the usual peanuts, sesame, chocolate and some others


I bet it will be really cheap to eat seafood there with so many stores around offering so many variety of seafood. But we were going for dinner at another place, so we miss this.

While we were about to leave, we saw this rubbish car, nothing special you will say, but then the rubbish car plays a kiddy music which caught our attention. The music is to tell people that it is coming, so please bring your rubbish out to throw. Ha!

The night view of Kaohsiung from Cijin

Pretty pretty

We headed to the restaurant for dinner, the dinner was nothing special, the typical type of food you will find in a chinese restaurant. But while we are there, we saw them making lots of mooncakes for the coming mooncake festival. One thing to note, the mooncake in taiwan is completely different from the ones we had in Singapore.


one of the dishes

xiao long bao

After dinner we head back to hotel for the night. There was a night market 夜市 in Kaohsiung of course, but it was otot (own-time-own-target). By the way, after 3 days we haven been to any 夜市, but don’t worry we will see plenty of 夜市 soon. Anyway, we didn’t go to the 夜市 because it was still raining, the guide told us that behind our hotel area, there is a different type of 夜市, selling fruits, whole street of them. So we went there instead and lo and behold, so type of fruits are available there. And that, is another story

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