Taiwan: Jiufen-Yilan

Okey Dokey, lets head off from where we lefted at the last post. After finishing our shopping in 九份, we head off to our next destination, Yilan 宜兰 to have lunch. The journey was about one and half hour ride, the weather was rainy which was really a pity because along the way to 宜兰, the coastal view was really quite a sight.

One of the view of the sea, and oh ya, this directions faces America

The place was at north-east of taiwan, so if you swim across the sea, you will somehow reach The States? LOL! Halfway we stopped at a rest point to relieve ourselves. There are far and few rest points along the way because the road was rather narrow and by-the-sea.

After a one half hour ride we finally arrive in 宜兰, a city by the sea, which will explain later why we are going to the Mazu temple 妈祖庙 later. But lunch first! Ha! The highlight of today’s lunch was lobster meal 龙虾大餐. But sadly, it fails to live up the expectations.

The lobster

The lobster was nothing nice, bearly can find any lobster meal, and the meal was very dried does not really taste like lobster? But o well, what can you expect when it is catered meal provided by the tour.

Next, we head off to Mazu temple 妈祖庙 which was very famous in 宜兰, a must visit place when you come here i guess? Anyway, for those who do not know what is Mazu, Mazu is the taoist goddness of the sea who protects fisherman and sailors, and is revered as the patron saint who protects East Asians who are associated with the ocean.

Do you know?
Taiwan is the world’s largest productor of luxury yatchs, but most are exported to other countries and not many remains in the country.

Pringles Gourmet

Do we have this in Singapore? Pardon me, but i haven’t seen it before, so i though i take a snap : )

Thats not a lighthouse, its a power station

Magnificant sight 

Ending our visit at Mazu temple, we head on to a place called Tai Lu Ge, its a valley actually. We stopped there for 15mins, there is a cafe which sells coffee and the coffee is not exactly cheap, 7 bucks for one coffee. But it came with a compliment piece of cake.

The SGD$7.50 coffee and that complimentary cake

Nan Dao wen hua ju chang

We only stayed 15mins at the beautiful Tai Lu Ge because we need to rush to Nan Dao culture theatre to see show. The performance is by the 原住民, or the Taiwan aborigines who are the indigenous people of Taiwan. The performance was about half an hour if i did not remember wrongly, and after that, they also invite the viewers to go down and join them in games, their 原住民 dance and culture stuff. Pretty much like the stuff u see on 周日八点党 when they went to the 原住民 area.

One of their dance

I did not take much pictures of the performance because by then my Ixus battery was running low. After the show we went to our hotel for the night, Parkview Hotel. Hualian was very much close by, so after a short while we enter into Hualian. The building of the hotel itself was very obvious even before we reached it because there is not much high-rise buildings in Hualian. Thats all for this post, watch out the next post where we are going to have a scrumptious buffet dinner at Parkview Hotel

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