China: Shanghai Part 6

2nd June 2007


Today is day 6 in Shanghai. As there are not many attractions left, morning call is quite late (compared to the previous days), at 730am. So after breakfast, we head out on the bus and went to上海滩 which is nearby. 上海滩 is by the Huangpu river, the same place where we see the night view of Shanghai the previous day (just that we are looking at the day view now). We took 15 mins to take photos here and there, then headed to the next place, SongQingLing Mausoleum

I believe many people have heard of Song Qing Ling either through reading it, hearing from others, or even through tv shows. Song Qing Ling was the wife of Sun Zhong Shan, we went to visit her tombstone to see her achievements for Mankind.

After that, we went to have lunch at a fairly special restaurant, the food is from a village bordering thailand and china, thus they have elephant statues outside, when we went there i thought we are going into a thailand restaurant. lol

A street in Shanghai Xin Tian Di

After lunch, we went to Shanghai Xin Tian Di where food, beverages, leisure entertainment, history, culture gather together, pretty much like Singapore Clarke Quay i guess. The buildings there are very historial (of course they got renovate to make it newer but the old style of building), and inside the shops are western restaurants! The whole street is western restaurants, pubs, bars.

Proceed on to Qi Pu Road, Shopping time!! Qi Pu road wholesale Market is a whole street with many shopping centre. Each building have fours levels, and each level has a lot small shops selling clothes. But the sad thing is girls clothes far outnumber guys clothes. But still, i manage to get some t-shirt, belts, caps. Shopping time is very short, 1 half hour only. We came back the next day which is free for us to do our shopping. So watch tomorrow post for more details on Qi Pu road shopping.

Tong Ren Tang i believed is a familar name to some who knows their chinese medicine. It is a Chinese pharmaceutical company founded in 1669, which is now the largest producer of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The company is headquartered in Beijing, and is engaged in both manufacture and retail sales, operating drug stores predominantly in Northeast China. Anyway, we went there because they are giving us free massage (by the trainee students of course).

Meanwhile, of course there are no such thing as a free lunch in this world, while giving us massage, they send their professional doctors around helping to take our pulse to see whether our body is well. The doc who took my pulse say my liver is weak and needs prescription to improve. My father who had a friend who also went Tong Ren Tang few years back before, that time he was “conned” into paying for the Tong Ren Tang treatment which cost him S$3K. So my father was “forewarned” and rejected the doctor. Disclaimer: No disrespect or accusation to Tong Ren Tang, they are one of the biggest and best TCM in China definitly, but from what i mention about is just what i heard from others. Anyway, veron always had headaches, the doc wanted to open a prescription for her which cost 3k RMB. Give me a Paracetamol (Panadol) anyday : )

After the massage and the doctor dignosis, we had our dinner at Tong Ren Tang, Traditonal Chinese Medicine (TCM) food, that means they incorporated TCM herbs as ingredients for cooking the dishes. In Singapore, there is a restaurant called Red, White & Pure at Vivocity which offers the same concept. Anyway, the food was nothing short of chinese herbs, we being ordinary mortals can’t really taste the difference of chinese herbs in our food (but its in there, good for health). and the food is very delicious, one of the best meals we had in China. Now get ready to be blow back by the pictures!


The names are too long for me to remember, they have really long and fancyful names, but this is pork leg with some herbs : )


Even the ordinary Sweet & Sour pork can be cooked using TCM method. Cool isn’t it?

“Kou Rou” bun in TCM cooking style

Full chicken with herbs. LOL

Sweet sauce fish, the fish very big we only manage to finish half of it. Wasted..

Anyway, sorry for the lack of names of the food, partly cos the name was too long for me to remember, and also partly cos the food was too nice making me so busy to eat and never take down notes. haha

Thats the end of our journey today, we finish early at 730pm and went back to our hotel. But being Kiasu Singaporeans who cannot waste every second while we are onl holiday, we went for a walk to the Pasar-Malan nearby. My family, with Liwen, her mom & aunt, and Yi Xing’s dad and mom. It was drizzling when we went out, i shared my umbrella with Liwen and got bullied by her. So much for being a kind soul. Haha, just kidding!! Didn’t got any shots of the Pasar-Malan cos it was raining and too dark. But anyway nothing much, those small stalls by the road side selling food (heard from the guide someone became 啦啦队 meaning stomachache after they tried the food), so being Kiasi Singaporeans we did not try any of the street food. We walked about 40 mins then went back to our hotel. As the next day is free-and-easy shopping, liwen, yu qun and me went to find the guide to ask for recommendations where to shop, but she not in, so we end up back in liwen yu qun room and chat. Soon it was midnight and Zzz.. Time really pass very fast, how i wish time could be stop at that moment.. Next stop: The Free-and-Easy Shopping

” Travelling, in life you can’t for anything more “


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